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P R O D U C T I O N - C O M P A N Y - B R A N D

Movie making is one of our obsessions. Borja is a huge enthusiast of everything related to the cinematography craft and Victoria has been watching Hollywood classics since she was a little kid. We created this brand to work as a production company for independent films and documentaries. As per now we produced the short documentary "Shojo". We really want to keep pushing this side of the studio. Creating meaningful content and having a blast along the way!

The name of the company, The House in The Middle, comes from this video from 1954. We grew up in the 80s. That means the nuclear menace was very present for us both. It also portrays how we feel as a company: this little house in the middle of nowhere burning. A good metaphore for a super tiny independent audiovisual company.
Our first production, the short documentary about this crew of girls rockin' the streets of Madrid with their skateboards. Shojo. 2020.
At the end of the day, THiTM is a side project in which we allow ourselves the luxury of enjoying our surroundings through a camera. Reinventing the reality with some footage, music and an edition software. We just love the feeling!

Director, Cinematographer
and Production: Borja Holke
Producer: Victoria García
Sound recorder: Mónica González
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