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B R O A D C A S T - D E S I G N

I spent many years of my career as a graphic designer working in motion graphics environments. From TV stations like Canal+ to studios like Tavo's. Here you can see some different examples of animated opening sequences for traditional TV shows. Some of them made at Canal+ and others collaborating with La Caña Brothers for La Sexta. The thing that all these have in common is that I created both the design and animation.

After my period collaborating with Canal+ I made some freelance work for La Caña Brothers, a production company that was producing for some of the main Spanish TV stations like La Sexta.
I was one of the main designers
for the Canal + bullfighting channel
(Canal+ Toros).
For the opening sequence animation I developed some characters who identify themselves as bullfighting enthusiasts by making the "sign of the horns" hand gesture, related to heavy metal/rock culture. After I came up with that concept, the creative director of the channel, Mr. Iñaki Marticorena decided to develop a full campaign to refresh the image of the bullfighting channel.
Dónde Estabas Entonces (Where were you then?) is a series that brings to the screen stories and memories of the last 40 years of Spain's history. From the proclamation of the Spanish Constitution and the first democratic elections to the 1992 Barcelona olympics.
Football was big at Canal+ because in Spain it has a huge and very enthusiast audience. That was the reason behind so much design and animation work produced related to that specific sport during my collabs with Canal+.