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[We are Holke 79]





+34 659 114 996

+34 696 000 546

Borja · holke79@gmail.com · +34659114996

Victoria · victoria.holke79@gmail.com · +34696000546

[The creative side]

I am Borja Holke founder of the studio and a freelance motion designer.

Think on Holke79 as a flexible team of passionate profesionals that adapts to your needs. I can personally help your team in any specific task like art direction or developing the motion behaviour of a visual system or build a group of designers that fits perfectly to the assignment in hand.

[Among this collaborators are]

Brand Design: Pánico Estudio
Art Direction and Illustration: Valistika
Motion Design and Animation: Jorge Artola Asier Bueno Oliver Dead Ernesto Portalo
Type Design and Lettering: Mike Dziambor Olena Smetanina
Sound Design: Jorge Haro David Moreno
Web Design: Bonita estudio

We love graphic design, specially typography and animation. We love making: animated brand identities,movie credits and opening sequences, music videos, t-shirts, social media flyers, stickers or whatever the artifact that allows us to have some serious fun together!

[The managing side]

Victoria is the other pillar in the studio. She manages the day to day and to keep things on track. She is also lovely and extremely proffesional so you’re going to like dealing with her.

[Our ethos]

We tend to work in projects driven by brands and organisations that we respect. Mainly in the cultural ecosystem or other fields that we love like skateboarding or certain organisations that are pushing hard for a better world. We are an ethically driven design studio.