motion graphic design

This is what I do:



Assembling all the pieces of a motion graphics project is a magical and very rewarding process for me. I use After Effects as a composition tool and I have worked on very different projects: from traditional cartoon animation to grunge motion graphics music videos, more polished 3D stuff, etc. I always make sure to maintain the highest level of image quality and a smooth workflow for the entire team involved in the project.


3d & 2D animation

Give me a good design and I will give it life. I love working in both 2D and 3D environments, including rigging or even character design if you prefer that I develop it.

... ...

typography animation

I'm a type nerd. I have even designed a typeface called Bera Sans and I previously developed another animated one (Lasio Grotesk) that was available in the Animography catalog. Maybe the animation of types and letters is my favorite task within motion graphics.


style frames

As a generalist motion grapher I can develop a visual style with great potential to work very well in motion. I think that design should always come first. I really enjoy in the visual development phase of a motion graphics piece that is going to be animated later.



Draw each stroke to begin to establish what will be the skeleton of the final piece is very cool. Also, as a motion grapher I always bring my experience to suggest transitions and a general flow that increases the potential of the project.