tv show opener

Dónde estabas entonces

about the project

Made for the TV channel La Sexta and produced by La Caña Brothers, I directed this opener under the creative direction of Alejandro R. Morales from the production company La Caña Bros. I made the storyboard, art direction, I animated some parts and did the final composition and editing. I've had the great contribution of a great Spanish traditional animator, Alberto Sánchez, who made the main part of the 2D cel animation.


The TV show is a series that bring to the screen stories and memories of the last 40 years of Spain's history. More specifically the post-Franco era until today. That began from the proclamation of the Spanish Constitution and the first democratic elections. The opener reflects some key moments like the "23-F" or the 1992 Barcelona olympic games.

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Production company: La Caña Brothers.
TV station: La Sexta.
Creative Direction: Alejandro R. Morales (La Caña Brothers).
Holke79: Direction, design, animation and compositing.
Cel animation: Alberto Sánchez.