TV show opener - Made for La Caña Brothers / La Sexta

La Caña Brothers called me with the idea of building an opener for a show about journalism that feels very classic and cinematic. They had the work of the all-time master Saul Bass and opening sequences like the one for Catch me if you can in mind. With these premises, I teamed up with Antoni Sendra (aka Podenco) and we started the project. Podenco did the storyboard and first concept art explorations and then I continued working on the character design and 3D animation and the final composition. It was a blast to pay a little tribute to the style of the father of motion graphics, Mr. Saul Bass.

Production company: La Caña Brothers.
TV station: La Sexta.
Storyboard and concept art: Antoni Sendra (Podenco studio).
My role: Design, animation and compositing.

Concept art proposal by Antoni Sendra (Podenco Studio).

Original storyboard developed by Antoni Sendra (Podenco Studio).

H O L K E 7 9 - motion graphics design

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