Revolution Radio - Green Day

Official Lyric Video - Made at Podenco Studio
for Warner Bros Records

This one was crazy. For real.

I was on my summer holidays when the great Antoni Sendra (Podenco Studio)
called me to tell me that Warner Bros aproached him interested in doing a music video with his
signature style for.... Green Day. Rad!

The only "issue" was that there was a modest budget and to make things worse; very very little time.
We literally had one week to do the whole thing. Design (by Antoni), animation and compositing for a
3 minute motion graphics video. To be honest, I´m very proud of the result.

We always had in mind the stunning work that Ariel Costa (Blinkmybrain) made for the band just a few
weeks earlier for the first single of the new album, Bang Bang. The bar was pretty high. Antoni came up
with a typical punk fanzine kind of design. He did a cool shoot on the go and with that we had all the
ingredients to make it happen!

Hope you enjoy it. Thanks to Antoni for trusting in me to do my own thing and Warner Bros Records
and of course the band itself :)

Direction design and some of the animation: Antoni Sendra (Podenco studio)
My role: Animation and compositing

H O L K E 7 9 - motion graphics design

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