Lasio grotesk

Animated typeface - Lasio Grotesk is part of the Animography collection.


Originally conceived as an animation exercise, the "animated alphated" has become a typeface. Lasio grotesk is a sans serif typeface that only has uppercase characters. The reason for this limitation is that every letter morphs from a geometric form. This is not impossible to make with the lower case letters, but much more difficult. Inittially the typography was based on the proportions of Paul Renner´s masterpiece FUTURA because of his geometrical shapes. After dealing with path and shapes in After Effects I had to make some compromises. The thing is that I started to enjoy the changes on the design of each character and then I started to think on small changes that give the whole typeface a more personal look. Then I thought on the name and making the numerals and some punctuaction signs.

H O L K E 7 9 - motion graphics design

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