december 2019. Online course about kinetic type. Available in domestika!

My course about kinetic type, available in DMSTK!


My new course about type animation is already available in Domestika. Plenty of C4D and AE exercises, workflow tips and a nice final project. It has english, portuguese and spanish subtitles! I really hope that you like it. Access from here!

october 2019. STEP by step: 3d character. modeling and rigging plus working with octane

Step by step - Modeling a handsome man in C4D

This is just me building a 3D character in Cinema4D from my own character design.

Hot tips:
- Design the character first
- Play with proportions
- Enjoy making nice details while you model it!

december 2018. step by step: building glyphs in illustrator: g

Building a G in Illustrator

This is just me building a capital letter G with Adobe Illustrator.

Hot tips:
- Trust your eyes
- Use the Shape Builder Tool  (Shift+M)
- Relax and enjoy the ride