February 2019. Online course about animation. soon available in domestika!

Soon in DMSTK!


I am preparing a course that will be available on the online platform Domestika. It will be ready in about 2 months. I'm really excited! Thanks a lot to DMSTK. By the way, the dmstk-staff is amazing!

January 2019. STEP by step: animating a text along a path in after effects

Animate a text along a path in AE

This is just me animating a text along a path in After Effects.

Hot tips:
- Choose a hot type!
- Play with the setting to find the perfect balance between cool and readable.
- Enjoy.

december 2018. step by step: building glyphs in illustrator: g

Building a G in Illustrator

This is just me building a capital letter G with Adobe Illustrator.

Hot tips:
- Trust your eyes.
- Use the Shape Builder Tool  (Shift+M).
- Relax and enjoy the ride.